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Computer Security and Privacy

for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence


We are a group of New York City-based researchers at Cornell TechCornell University, and NYU studying how to improve technology safety and security for victims of intimate partner violence. 


Our goals are to develop an in-depth understanding of technology’s role in IPV and create tools that help survivors and advocates navigate technology challenges in IPV.

We currently run the Clinic to End Tech Abuse (CETA) for IPV survivors in New York City.

Emily Tseng, Rosanna Bellini, Yuek Lee Yu, Lana Ramjit, Thomas Ristenpart, and Nicola Dell.

Data Stewardship in Clinical Computer Security: Balancing Benefit and Burden in Participatory Systems. 

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Arkaprabha Bhattachara, Kevin Lee, Vineeth Ravi, Jessica Staddon, and Rosanna Bellini.
Shortchanged: Uncovering and Analyzing Intimate Partner Financial Abuse in Consumer Complaints.
CHI. 2024.

Rosanna Bellini, Emily Tseng, Noel Warford, Alaa Daffalla, Tara Matthews, Sunny Consolvo, Jill Woelfer, Patrick Gage Kelley, Michelle Mazurek, Dana Cuomo, Nicola Dell, and Thomas Ristenpart.

SoK: Safer Digital-Safety Research Involving At-Risk Users

IEEE S&P. 2024.

Please visit the Clinic to End Tech Abuse website to access the resources we have developed to combat tech-enabled abuse. 

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